Trinidad Carnival Monday – 12 Feb

So at last it’s Carnival which kicks off with J’ouvert and is a hot sunny day of very loud Soca, floats, costumes, drinking and eating.

J’ouvert is a traditional festival known as “break day” or the unofficial start of Carnival, which takes place on the Monday before Ash Wednesday traditionally starting at 2am until mid morning.

Maiya plays J’ouvert and thoroughly enjoys it even though she’s been up all night.

Then we set off for Carnival. It’s very hot but nice to see the floats and costumes.

I was surprised there weren’t more floats only two small steel band floats and not that many people either although Maiya said J’ouvert was jam packed.


Trinidad has no trains no railway system with most people depending on expensive taxis or maxi taxis (busses) to get around.

A cheaper option is downloadable apps which frustratingly can take hours to secure a cheap ride. To call a taxi costs three or four times the app cabs.

You could stay in a more central location although it costs more but may save you money in the end. The alternative is to organise drivers in advance through family or contacts.