Trinidad Carnival Tuesday – 13 Feb

Carnival Tuesday is the main day for Trinidad’s big event as fabulous costume bands parade through Port of Spain and the Savannah.

Absolutely blazing hot sunshine with temperatures up in the 30’s makes today the perfect day for the greatest show of costumes and music with DNA by Mikal Teja being the most popular songalong choice.

Unfortunately I had to contend with watching the live stream on YouTube as a stomach bug / food poisoning / heat stroke got the better of me.

Of all days eh! But at least I got to see Panorama, Dimanche Gras, Carnival Monday and a little of today Tuesday before I succumbed, returning to our lush AirBnB to recover.

Still I managed to get a few pics. Hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow having barely eaten the last two days although I missed seeing Cuz Cleon!


Stories abound of Trinidad as a renegade poverty stricken ghetto teeming with robbers, rapists, bandits and kidnappers.

Don’t carry wads of cash, avoid wearing expensive jewellery or watches, travel in groups, beware mobile phone snatchers and so on.

In truth Trinidad is relatively prosperous in the Caribbean due to large reserves of petrochemicals and natural gas.

Many drive modern hybrid cars and virtually everyone (at Carnival) is taking pics and videos with the latest iPhones.

According to government figures crime is down during Carnival due to higher police presence and the happy feel good factor that Carnival inspires.

It is still important to be wary as with travelling to any far flung tourist destination.