Farewell Trinidad – 16 Feb

Today is our final day of our fabulous Trinidad experience before we jet off to Tobago for the last few days of our adventure.

Trinidad is absolutely enchanting with the endless sunshine and the sound of the neighbourhood; a constant chorus of birdsong at sunrise, and chirping crickets and dogs barking at sunset, the animated chatter of friends liming, generators humming  and an occasional long deep loud rumbling.

Is it thunder? Or an unseen plane passing over? It fades in and lasts too long. The low tone sounds like a mysterious atmospheric episode.

We’ve lost a couple of days to my severely upset stomach so repair to Maracas Bay again to aid my recovery and enable my daughter to rebirth in nature and connect with the mermaids.

It is a pleasant day although we realise we may not achieve all we planned due to the setback.

Today we visit the place of our ancestors; we don’t find Ma’s (my grandmother) blue house at 22 St Michael Road but tread the same path as she did a hundred years ago as we walk the whole length of her road.

Just as impossible was finding my Father’s imposing colonial style plantation house shaded by large banana trees on Eastern Main Road even though we drive up and down from Tunapuna to Tacarigua.

Despite this we feel an affinity being on the area and think about their different lives a century ago.

We even squeeze in some gift shopping and visit Tunapuna Market before flying to Tobago at sunset.

We ❤️ Trinidad.