We’ve Arrived – 7 Feb

When the captain announces ‘we will be landing in Port of Spain in thirty minutes’ I feel the emotional importance of this trip. To honour the birthplace of my Mother and Father with my daughter and granddaughter.

After eight hours in a metal tube with  movies munchies and endless rounds of who wants to be a millionaire we are ready to connect with our heritage. With the special people who shaped our lives from Windrush to now.


Getting off the plane and through customs was challenging and bureaucratic protocols tested our flight weary patience until we finally emerged into the balmy twenty eight degree cool breezy dusk.

For now we sleep off our jet lag so we can start our adventure proper with beaches carnival steel pan Tobago and family.

Location 1

We are based in an AirBnB in El Dorado near Tunapuna.

It’s basic with one bedroom a small kitchen and a bathroom. There is  a sofa bed which we take turns sleeping on.

We will be here for a few days before moving on.